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Napapijri is Finnish definition of the Arctic Circle. Its border is a line of 66 - this parallel, which also marks the limit of the incidence of the polar night. In these harsh conditions Napapijri brand was born. Gained recognition from the beginning travelers who sought to discover the unknown.

For Napapijri brand that signs outdoor clothing, hides remarkable history and philosophy of the company. According Napapijri traveling from pole to pole ensures continuous human development and the development of this knowledge. This knowledge allows the brand Napapijri expand their horizons and create clothing that is not only highly functional, but also designed according to current trends.

Napapijri first projects came to light in the early nineties in Aosta in Italy and within a few years, fans have gained recognition in Europe. Napapijri strives to create aesthetic, firm and solid clothes for people who love to travel, adventure and challenge.

Currently Napapijri clothing not only for travelers and conquerors. The company offers a rich collection of casual wear, ideal for city or for an active weekend.

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