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Founded in the Polish town of Sopot in 2005 by Daria and her husband Patryk, Motyle Jewellery already has a clutch of prestigious awards to its name. This charming and enigmatic accessories brand combines natural materials such as silver, amber, pearls, turquoise, amethyst, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create unique pieces made with exquisite attention to detail, giving their seductively simple jewelry a sophisticated allure.

Daria’s singular creative vision was influenced from the start by her passion for photography. “My first pieces were a pendant and ring, using an old aperture mechanism from a camera. As you opened the mechanism, an amber with a diamond appeared.”

Being behind a camera is a solitary pursuit, and Daria acknowledges that her ability to focus stems from her preference for working alone. “I like to create my jewelry in silence, with no one around me.” But when it comes to running the Motyle business, it’s most definitely a two-person job. “I design, and my husband takes care of everything else, including the budget.”

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has been a partner from the very beginning. “It’s often the crystal itself—its form and color—that inspires a new project. I like to use SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in unexpected ways, so I’m always searching for new possibilities.”

Inspiration comes from what Daria sees around her. “I’m motivated by architecture and fashion, but mostly by those fleeting moments of beauty in nature, like the colors of a butterfly’s wing, and the desire to capture their essence. These are the things that give me creative energy.”

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