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Lifestyle Designers Point is a place in which you will find a wide range of products offered by Moleskine, Lamy and Troika, manufacturers of stationery accessories and business gadgets, well known globally for their passion for design, tradition of craftsmanship and precision. All these brands focus on delivering high quality, functionality and elegance. They are a perfect choice for people looking for original products manufactured with utmost care.

MOLESKINE is the heir and successor to the black leather pocket notebook recognized for its history of over 200 years and such renowned users as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Bruce Chatwin. Produced by small Italian manufactures until the 1980s, it became nearly unattainable after that time. Thanks to a small Milanese publisher it came back in 1997, immediately earning its status of a legendary product.

LAMY is a German brand which took up the challenge to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users of fountain pens. Every single component of their pens is manufactured in Germany with utmost care. The Bauhaus beauty will give you pleasure and satisfaction matched only by that of the comfort of writing. It is the embodiment of form inspired by functionality, which results in a unique product perfectly tailored to your style of writing.

TROIKA is a German brand which offers accessories famous for their innovative approach and original solutions. Among them you will find products perfect for small gifts and for everyday use, including business and travel accessories. Appreciated for their high quality and durability, they will surprise you with their unique and ingenious design.

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