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SEACRET Using the latest technology in Israel with extreme caution we extract and purify valuable mineral salts and complexes fresh mud from the Dead Sea to then (be able to) use them in flagship line of SEACRET cosmetics for skin and body care. Besides the Dead Sea, it is difficult to find a more pure and richer source of essential minerals like from the Dead Sea.

SEACRET products for face and body care can be found on the web shops and stalls in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and the UK.

The offer includes body care (peels, butter, lotions) and cosmetics for daily facial skin care especially delicate skin around the eyes

More than two thousand years ago, the historian wrote that

"we should sing the praises of the Dead Sea....its salt can heal the human body. "

We agree with him!

As one of the leading distributors of cosmetics for skin care and regeneration based on Dead Sea minerals, all of our attention we devote to ensuring uncompromising quality of our products

and simple customer service.

Let yourself be enchanted and surrounded by sensual luxury in your own home.


+48 504 421 038

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